A Focus On Business Episode 028

A Focus On Business Episode 028

We Beam TV Presents A Focus On Business Episode 028. Tonight John sits down with Bryan Harding and talks College Costs. So sit back and let Bryan open your eyes. This program is designed primarily for freshmen, sophomores, and juniors. The earlier we can work with the student, the more effective the program will be. If you or somebody you know is concerned with ever-rising college expenses and are looking for answers and guidance regarding the transition process of high school through the acceptance of a college or university, this program can help. Specifically, some of the services provided are as follows:

• High School Preparation Work

• SAT/ACT Preparation

• Career Planning and College Search Selection Guidance

• College Cost Comparisons

• College Funding History Comparisons

• Help with Private Sector Scholarships

• Maximizing College Grants

• Help in reducing the EFC (Expected Family Contribution)

• Filing the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid); help with the CSS/Profile

• Learn how to avoid mistakes and pitfalls in the funding process

• Maximizing the effectiveness of Campus Visits

• Flow Charts & reminders to keep the student & family on track

• Unlimited access to your consultant when questions arise

• Evaluation of Award Letters and help with Appeal Letter (if appropriate)

College Funding Solutions, Inc. will do all of this and more. Eliminate the worries and stress involved; even make paying for college easier on the family’s budget. Did you know that of the 3 million new students who begin college each year, less than 50% attain a 4-year degree? That is right. Only about 48% will ever receive their degree. Why are so many students forced to drop out? The number one reason is money! They did not plan to fail. They simply failed to plan. We do not offer any wild promises or quick fixes. Instead, this is a proven program designed to provide the answers and guidance required to make that transition from high school to college much smoother. Please contact us to arrange a FREE family interview.

Call 813-701-9870 or email me at bryanrvp@gmail.com

Bryan Harding, Certified College Advisor P.S. Remember that DEADLINES are the single most important factor in obtaining college financial aid. Do not delay.

Bryan Harding Investment Advisor Representative CCA (Certified College Advisor)


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